End-to-End Testing with TestCafe eBook


"End-to-End Testing with TestCafe is an excellent technical resource – a ‘must-have’ for TestCafe users."

- TestCafe Team

Developing high-quality software shouldn't have to be painful.

Guess what - it isn't painful. What if you could start automating your tests in a more reliable and dependable way? How would it feel to stop seeing the same bugs pop up again and again, and having the time to focus on valuable work instead of mind-numbing manual testing?

With End-to-End Testing with TestCafe you'll have all the tools you need in one single place to learn how to get up and running with TestCafe quickly. Begin automating your end-to-end test suite today.

End-to-End Testing with TestCafe is a book that covers the the ins and outs of the TestCafe testing framework. Here are a few things you'll learn with this book:

  • Setting up a test suite with TestCafe
  • Writing tests that navigate through your app
  • Running tests in different browsers
  • Organizing your tests for maintainability
  • Covering your app with different users
  • Best ways to debug your tests
  • ... And much more!

Dennis guides the reader through all stages of modern web service testing. Numerous examples and a ‘simple to complex’ structure makes this book useful for both experienced testers/developers and those starting their end-to-end testing journey.

End-to-End Testing with TestCafe is structured well and offers a complete picture of TestCafe abstractions in plain language. Significant attention is paid to proper test project organization, long-term maintenance, and the involvement of multiple team members.

With End-to-End Testing with TestCafe, you will learn how to write reliable and maintainable tests, how to organize tests using the Page Object Model pattern, and how to debug tests more effectively. To help master the material, Dennis includes exercises at the end of each chapter.

- TestCafe Team

Stop Delivering Bugs To Your Customers

This book will take you on a path to delivering high-quality web applications in less time. Learn how to use TestCafe to write robust end-to-end tests on a real web app and improve the quality of your code, boost your confidence in your work, and deliver faster with less bugs.

Check out the book's website for answers to commonly-asked questions and to get a free sample of the first three chapters. You can also find excerpts from the book at the Dev Tester blog.

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You'll get a PDF of the book, and lifetime access to the TeamYap application (https://teamyap.app) to get hands-on practice with TestCafe.


End-to-End Testing with TestCafe eBook

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